Museum Collections

Our living history site features many small exhibits, set in a period context, which explain the life and times of the Kilby family, Harrison Mills and the 1920s. Many of the displays are family oriented, perhaps the best example of this is our friendly farm animals.

Bull Pen: Once home to the Kilby’s prize-winning bull, the bullpen now holds Rocky and Bullwinkle, 2 Jersey calves born this spring.

Cottage: The oldest building in the District of Kent, the cottage dates from the 1890s.

Farm Animals: Be sure to visit the goats, chickens, pigs and turkeys. Animal feed is available in the gift shop.

First Peoples of the Rivers: Featuring the local First Nations and their history in Harrison River area, this exhibit is upstairs in the museum.

General Store: The shelves are fully stocked and ready for the friendly shopkeeper to open the doors for business.

Heritage Gardens: Enjoy the old plantings made by the Kilby family as well as our traditional gardens.

Implement Shed: Man’s classic dilemma-What to fix or hook up first? The plough, the harrow and the wagon wait to be used one more time, along with many other tools and implements of days gone by.

Interactive Room:  The newest exhibit at Kilby provides a place to view stories from Harrison Mills’ settlers, a dedication to previous societies which supported the museum, and soon a searchable artifact database. History comes to life in this one room!

Kitchen: Breathe in the aromas of a simmering meal and imagine that special warmth of a wood fired stove, even in August.

Neighbourhood Landing: The landing at the top of the stairs in the Store features the Kilby and Pretty families, who were the founding families of Harrison Mills.

Log Cabin and Logger’s Batch: Imagine the life of the lonely logger in the bush living in this 1880s Log Cabin.

Manchester House Hotel: Determine for yourself, which ghosts of the past are in residence.

Milk House: Jersey milk and cream were separated and stored in cans chilled with cold water.

Dining Room: The table is set for Sunday dinner, the sound of the Vitoria playing and evidence of the gentle art of sewing are all present.

Oil House: This 1920s version of a gasoline filling station waits for a Model A to come around the corner.

Orchard and Shed: The history of the 80 year-old orchard is depicted here.

Orchard Playground: The children will delight in the sandbox, tree fort, teeter-totter and tree swing. Crochet and slits are another fun way of experiencing.

Pantry: A room stocked with the right ingredients to create the family’s meals.

Parlour: At the end of the day, when the work is done, this is the place for the family to relax and read.

People of the Harrison Gallery: The life and times of the people of the Harrison Mills region is on display upstairs in the museum.

Post Office: Imagine your mail is waiting but Mr. Kilby has just stepped out for a moment.

Product Package Gallery: A kaleidoscope of colour represents generations of shopping.

Reading Room: Sit back and enjoy an old book or browse the 1920s information.

Store Basement: This handyman’s dream is full of items awaiting a rainy day project.

Store Room: Once used for storing meat, produce, canned goods and other supplies needed to stock the shelves, this room waits for another delivery.

Store Keeper: Friendly and knowledgeable staff dressed in period costumes interpret the site.

Temporary Exhibit Room: Visiting exhibits or seasonal featured exhibits are often on site.

Archives: There is also an extensive collection of documents and photographs in our archives. Please contact us for further information. For a nominal fee an appointment can be made with the Curator to view photos and paper documents for research purposes. 604-796-9576