The Kilby Historic Site prides itself in portraying the living history of the Kilby family, general store, and farm. The grounds surrounding the general store are approximately 3 hectares which we have preserved as the working farm it once was, the Waterloo Farm Museum. Today, we annually stock the farm with a wonderful variety of animals. Visitors of all ages can interact with and feed the animals on the farm while they are learning about rural farm life.

Current Furry and Feathered Friends

Waterloo Farm History

In 1912 the Kilby family obtained over two hundred acres of land adjoining their General Store and started the Waterloo Jersey Dairy Farm. The farm was named after Thomas Kilby’s first Canadian home in Waterloo, Ontario. In addition to developing a Jersey herd through the 1920s, they kept chickens, pigs and other farm animals. Livestock played a vital role for the early settlers in the Fraser Valley, providing both food and a source of income. Today we pride ourselves on presenting our living history of a working farm. The homestead resembles the farm just as it was in the 1920s. Friendly farm animals and replicated outbuildings bring to life the way was in its day.

Throughout the site, you’ll explore the topics of transportation, geography, local native culture, the logging industry and farming in the 1920s. The Kilby family had built a small shed with a gas pump, on their farm, early in the 1920s to facilitate service to boaters and farmers. Roads came to Harrison Mills in 1926 and 1927 when the bridge was built over the Harrison River. The highway passed through this area furthering the need for a filling station. Imperial Oil was the main source of gasoline and in 1973 Acton received an award from the company for fifty years of service. Acton continued to sell gasoline to neighbours and visitors until 1977.

Waterloo Farm Orchard

The apple orchard was planted in the spring of 1926. The varieties selected still produce a constant supply of apples from late August until early October. The Orchard Shed, built in 1992, currently houses most of our demonstrations and activities. Ask staff at the front desk when you arrive for what is going on that day and for information for future events.

Orchard Playground

The Orchard Playground contains a sandbox, tree fort, teeter-totter and swings for the enjoyment of the children. Contained in a small lean-to is a variety of games, such as croquet and stilts for everyone to enjoy.

Heritage Gardens

We do our best to keep time period flowers, plants and trees throughout the site. During the week you can find volunteers working in the vegetable garden and on Jessie’s Garden Hedgerow. From the Cafe, you can view Eliza’s Heritage Tea Garden. Each garden is filled with a large variety of heirloom plants and endless hours of work, creating the resulting beauty for our visitors.

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