Day Use

NB: Due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements we are required to limit Day Use numbers. Please enter the Day Use area through the Boat Launch end of the beach. We are not allowing visitors to walk through campground during the pandemic.

The Kilby Park has a small beach area on the shores of the Harrison Bay that connect both the Harrison and Fraser Rivers. Parking and beach access is limited especially during July and August. In this case you can always park at the museum, and walk down to the beach. The museum gift shop has a great selection of candy, beverages and ice cream cones to complete your visit to the area.

If swimming at Kilby Park be warned that water temperatures are influenced by outflow waters from the nearby Harrison Lake and rarely warms up above 20 C. Another note of caution is for sudden drop off’s due to the nature of the river. Please note: Kilby Park has no lifeguards on duty and this area closes at 10 pm.

Pop on in to the Kilby Cafe for a beverage, ice cream cone or a bite to eat.