The Community of Harrison Mills

The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s drew industry and business to places where the railway intersected with waterways such as the Harrison River. Where steamboats and railway met, a transportation hub developed and communities sprang up. This was the case in Harrison Mills at its inception.

The name “Harrison Mills” is derived from the sawmill that once stood on the shores the Harrison River, which became the mainstay of the local economy. Several earlier mills had been in existence, but it was the Rat Portage Lumber Company, built in 1903, that permanently changed the face of the community. Soon, Harrison Mills included houses, a school, churches, stores, a community hall, a railway station and sawmills all connected by a network of raised wooden walkways and ramps. These ramps became a distinctive feature of the community, necessary because of the annual Fraser River floods.

The mill closed in 1911, never to re-open, although a shingle mill across the bay continued for many years. Gradually the old buildings disappeared until the Kilby General Store remained as the only reminder of the once thriving town of Harrison Mills. Today the population of Harrison Mills is greatly reduced from its peak in the early twentieth century, but the lumber and dairy industries continue to be the mainstays of the community. Tourism and recreation are budding markets and community growth is on the rise.


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