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Welcome teachers and students! The Kilby Historic Site provides an enjoyable learning experience in an interactive, authentic historic setting–depicting pioneer life in rural British Columbia. Our living history program actively enables student learning with actual artifacts and costumed role players such as a shopkeeper, pioneer wife or farmhand that would have lived in the 1920s, in rural British Columbia. All education programs complement current school curriculum and augment resources used by secondary school classes.

Teachers’ Packages consisting of detailed site information, guidelines and directions are available to teachers prior to your visit for in class lesson and travel preparation assistance.

We require a minimum of 20 students for all school programs and additional experiences listed below. (all prices include tax)

School Group 2019

Tour A: Lock, Stock and Cracker Barrel (K – Grade 3) $10/person

Our friendly, costumed interpreters will lead a fun and highly interactive program that explores the operation of a 1920s general store and farm in a rural Canadian community. This three-stationed program begins with the unique experience of shopping in the 1920s in our General Store Museum. The farmhand then guides the students around our living history farm, where they learn about rural farm life during BC’s early years. Finally, students are encouraged to use their imagination as they explore the Jr. Merchants Playroom. (Approx. 90 minutes) Teachers Pkg Lock Stock Cracker Barrel

Tour B: 1920s Heritage Tour (all ages) $8/person

In this program, your class will be divided into two groups. One group is guided by a costumed storekeeper through the General Store Museum, learning about rural country life during the 1920s. The other group explores the farmyard, with help from the farmhand and encouragement from our friendly farm animals. (Approx. 60 minutes) Teachers Pkg Heritage Tour

Optional Experiences:

Ice Cream Making $3/person

Students have a first-hand experience at making ice cream the old-fashioned way! This fun and interactive demonstration allows students to learn by instruction and participation. The reward for their hard work is a sample of the real ice cream they themselves have made.
(Approx. 30 minutes) Minimum$60

Cider Pressing $3/person

Students see how apples turn into juice on our 100–year old cider press. They can try their hand at pressing the apples and listen to the stories shared as the old cider press is used once again!
(Approx. 30 minutes) Minimum $60

Strolling Through Time $3/person

In this walking tour, students learn about Harrison Mills and the surrounding area’s unique culture. The students will be introduced to our region’s geography and industry. Archival photographs will reveal the need for the extensive dyking system in place today.
(Approx. 30 minutes) Minimum $60

Site facilities include picnic tables on the grounds which are great for having your own brown bag lunch. The museum is within walking distance of Kilby Park on Harrison Bay. Some school groups choose this area to have lunch, or enjoy a walk on the beach. A third option is to have lunch indoors, in the Orientation Barn, should you experience inclement weather during your visit. The Harrison River Restaurant can always provide hotdogs, popcorn, fresh sandwiches, muffins, soft drinks and assorted juices.

We look forward to booking your class tour!

A collection of British Columbia Heritage resources useful to teachers, students, and history enthusiasts of any age. Our Digital Collection can be found at A Visit to the General Store .

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